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True Business Networkers are people who connect the right people together in the world ... They are the people with a special gift for bringing honest business people together. They are people who have the knack for making business connections where ever they may be. GrassRoots Networkers are like "The Connectors" in Malcolm Gladwell's Book "The Tipping Point - About Us

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Online business networking forums, disussions on connecting
and creating grassRoots opportunities online and off line.

We provide a platform for networking by offering our members and networking partners our services. We strive to bring together the best of every industry and introduce them to potential customers through our family of web sites.

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Affordable Web Design - New Web Site Creation - Old Web Site Redesign - Ecommerce Solutions for NC Business - Weekly or Monthly Maintenance - Free Phone Support - North Carolina Marketing Solutions - Several Hosting Packages - Custom Built Sites NC - Detailed Statistics and Friendly Service. - Internet Advertising

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It's all about getting North Carolina Businesses Networking with the RIGHT People "NC Business Player Partners " was founded in 2005 by a number of North Carolina experienced internet professionals. Our goal was to provide a platform that allowed small businesses in NC to advertise directly to consumers at little to no cost.

North Carolina Business Forum
Online business networking forums, disussions on connecting and creating grassRoots opportunities for team players...


Affordable Online Marketing for Forest City North Carolina Business

Web Design North Carolina Business - Web Development North Carolina - Web Marketing North Carolina - Search Marketing North Carolina Business - SEO Marketing North Carolina

If you are a North Carolina Web Site Development Company we would like to add you to your networking team! Call 703-722-6012 for details. We look forward to hear from you.

" 'Working with the right people.' It's a simple, yet powerful concept that's tangible and real. In my mind, when the right people come together,
it's more than a business opportunity. It's a beautiful thing. It's art." -- Mark Barreres Welcomes:

NC Freelance Copywriter - Online Writer

Jessica Martinez

Website Content Writer Forest City NC Business - Original Article Creation for NC Business - Blog Post Writer Forest City North Carolina Business
Brochure Writer Forest City North Carolina

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Fresh, delicious, healthy describes Café at the Mall’s food. Creative salads, housemade dressings, handcrafted sandwiches on our artisan breads, Daily made quiches and soups, seasonal vegetables, whole grain sides as well as seafood, pasta, vegetarian, and meat entrees. Desserts are in a category of their own!

Café at the Mall opened in 1999 with the mission of serving the freshest, most delicious foods emphasizing quality. Seasonal menus and daily specials feature local products such as tomatoes, mushrooms, berries, beef, honey, eggs, and herbs to name a few. Farmers and gardeners bring their offerings to our back door and are always welcome.

Our Menu - Gift Baskets WNC - WNC Catering - Healthy Nutrition Practices WNC - Café Catering Menu - Our Dining Area - Customer Reviews - Café Kitchen Notes - Café TO-GO - The Café Baking Co. - Contact Us/Directions


Rutherfordton North Carolina Tax Accountant

Gilbert Carmona

Gilbert Carmona

Searching for an accountant in Western North Carolina? Then you have come to the right place. One of the most complex and important financial events in peoples’ lives is the proper handling of their tax liability.

Gilbert Carmona prepares federal, state, and local tax returns of individual, business, and 501(c)(3) not for profit organizations: He examines accounts and records to compute according to prescribed rates, laws, and regulations. He advises management regarding the effects of business activities on taxes.

He can do more then create payroll and quarterly files for the IRS. Even though these basic forms can be complicated and are subject to frequent change, simply having the numbers generated by simple bookkeeping does not tell a business owner what they need to know to run their business effectively.

Gilbert Carmona helps you understand the numbers so that you can make better business decisions. He is committed to providing a quality service that fits the client's needs and helps clients do what they do best — run their business. As a business owner He understands "beyond the spreadsheet".

He is registered as an Electronic Return Originator (ERO) with the IRS. He will prepare your return correctly the first time.

Forest City North Carolina Musicians

"House Concert Series"

Listen to: Back to North Carolina the song << FREE MP3

Rick Harris, Jr. Celebrating Life and Family with Music

"His fingers dancing over the guitar strings, his head thrown back then bending deeply forward, eyes often shut, now one foot poised in midair, ­he feels the music. He is the music." Mary Blackwell - more info

Asheville NC Musicians - CD and DVD Manufacturing - Chords and Lyrics - USA Custom Built Guitars - Songwriting Organizations - Free Music Classifieds - Rock Band Tee Shirts - UpComing Stars - USA Musician Music Magazines - World Music List - USA Musicians Forum

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You've put a lot of hard work into your latest CD project. You know you've got a great package. You believe in your music. Now, it's time to let everyone know about it. It's time for some exposure. Everyone knows the more exposure you can get for your CD, the better the opportunity to sell more CDs, book more gigs, and make more fans.

That's why we created this site. We've put together a branding package designed specifically to help you get more exposure, sell more CDs, book more gigs, and make more fans. You deserve it! We can help!

Greg Tutwiler - Americana Music Profile

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We assist our business network partners and sponsors with online networking and marketing, search engine promotion, as well as web site optimization. Through the use of our GrassRoots Social Media Network we connect you with potential clients, employees, resellers, investors, and strategic partners.

" delivers on what they promise! If being at the top of search engines matters to you, then this is the place to be. Mark Barreres has gone above and beyond on service and for a fraction of the cost of other so called "SEO experts" that charge BIG bucks and do NOT deliver. The difference is the results you will see almost immediately. Best of all they are always here for me on Skype and on the phone. Any business person interested in getting more referrals needs to take web based promotion seriously, and this is the best service out there." - Tara Kenyon

North Carolina Web Promotion

North Carolina Web Design and Online Marketing

by is a full service website promotion internet marketing firm. Our innovative and proven search engine optimization techniques have ranked hundreds of web pages in top positions. Whether it's website promotion, development, design or consulting, we can help get you the results you expect.

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We collaborate with other NC web designers and web promoters which benefits everyone. By working together we can increase productivity and cost savings for our businesses, giving clients a valuable edge in today's marketplace.

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Our rates are below the published rates of the hotel and often represent the very best rates available for that property. They often require prepayment and may not have a refund policy associated with them. We recommend that you read all cancellation policies and rate-rules before you book your hotel.

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MULTIMEDIA - We are looking for designers to help with dynamic website presentations.

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FLASH - Flash Designers that create dynamically illustrates images for a multimedia experience

We have web design jobs of all sizes from small and large ready for you to work on.

Complete Website Designs - Custom Made Layouts - Hand Coded Websites - Old Site Redesigns - E-Commerce Solutions

We are looking that do not try and sell services that clients do not need. We know that a lasting relationship is more valuable than a one-time job BIG money job.

Non team players, time-wasters or dreamers need not apply – action-oriented web masters, online entrepreneurs and internet marketers only! - Contact Us Call 703-722-6012 Today.
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